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Privacy and Data Protection Policy

Therapeutic Endoscopy, endoscopy.news, recognizes the extreme importance of electronic records and personal data left by you (“Data Subject”) when using our website. This Privacy Policy (“Policy”) aims to regulate, in a simple, transparent, and objective manner, which personal data will be collected, as well as how and when they may be used.

This policy is directed towards medical professionals and broadly outlines the ways in which we handle personal data.

For additional questions or requests, please contact our Data Protection Officer, DR. BRUNO MARTINS, via email at contato@brunomartins.med.br.

To better illustrate how we process data, we present a summary of our Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy (“Policy”):

Summary Table:

Data Processing Agent Therapeutic Endoscopy
Role in Data Processing Controller
Nature of Processed Data Personal data provided by the Data Subject
Primary Purpose of Processing

PURPOSE: User registration for receiving information and for publishing their articles.


Consent (Article 7 of LGPD).

Sharing Personal data (email) is shared with newsletter service. Only for users who voluntarily subscribed through the website. The email list is also used in our advertising accounts on Meta and Google for marketing actions and ad personalization using the policies and tools of these platforms; direct and unauthorized emails are not sent.
Data Protection Appropriate security, technical and administrative measures.
Data Subject’s Rights Confirmation of data processing existence, access, correction, portability, request for deletion, etc.

This policy may be updated at any time by Therapeutic Endoscopy with a notice on the website.


If you have any doubts about the terms used in this policy, we suggest consulting the table below:

Personal Data Any information related to an identified or identifiable natural person, directly or indirectly.
Sensitive Personal Data A special category of personal data relating to racial or ethnic origin, religious belief, political opinion, union membership, or to an organization of a religious, philosophical, or political nature, related to health or sexual life, genetic or biometric data of a natural person.
Data Subject A natural person to whom the personal data refers, such as former, current, or potential clients, employees, contractors, business partners, and third parties.
Processing Any operation carried out with personal data, such as those referring to: collection, production, reception, classification, use, access, reproduction, transmission, distribution, processing, filing, storage, elimination, evaluation or control of information, modification, communication, transfer, dissemination, or extraction.
Anonymization A process by which data loses the possibility of direct or indirect association with an individual, considering the reasonable technical means available at the time of processing.

The User is aware that they are providing information consciously and voluntarily through registration forms.

The Personal Data provided by the User when registering and/or filling out

forms on the website will be kept confidential and will only be used for the purposes defined below:

Collected Data

Purpose of Use/

Data Processing

Legal Basis Consent

Full Name, Degree, Email, Photo,

CRM (Medical Registration Number) and Date of Birth.

Registration for article dissemination on the website. Consent

I agree to provide my Name, Degree, Photo,

CRM and Date of Birth. I am aware that my provided data will be used internally.

Email Registration for newsletter distribution. Consent I agree to provide my email for receiving newsletters in accordance with the privacy policy.


Endoscopy News may collect information actively entered by the Data Subject at the time of contact or registration.

Data Processing:

The collection of personal data occurs when the Data Subject actively submits or sends information to the Therapeutic Endoscopy website, such as full name, email, date of birth, CRM (Medical Registration Number), degree, and photo when filling out forms. Regardless of which data the Data Subject actively provides to Therapeutic Endoscopy, we will only use those that are truly relevant and necessary to achieve the purposes declared on a case-by-case basis.

The Data Subject may access, update, and supplement their data, as well as request the deletion of their data collected by Therapeutic Endoscopy, by email at: contacto@endoscopy.news

How we use data:

Personal data processed by Therapeutic Endoscopy is intended for the registration of professionals for the publication of articles authored by the Data Subject on our website and the sending of information via newsletters.

How we use cookies:

Cookies are files or information that can be stored on your devices when you visit the online website of Therapeutic Endoscopy. They generally contain the name of the site of origin, their lifespan, and a value generated randomly.

Endoscopy News uses cookies to facilitate usage and better adapt its pages to the interests and needs of the Data Subjects, as well as to compile information about the use of its website, helping to improve its structures and content. They can also be used to speed up your activities and future experiences on our portal.

Types of Cookies: What do they do?
Necessary Essential for the pages of Therapeutic Endoscopy to load correctly and allow you to navigate our site and use all functionalities.
Performance: Help us understand how visitors interact with the pages of Therapeutic Endoscopy, providing information about the areas visited, the time spent on the site, and any problems encountered, such as error messages.
Functional Allow the pages of Therapeutic Endoscopy to remember your choices, to provide a more personalized experience. Also, enable Data Subjects to watch videos and use social tools, comment fields, forums, among others.

They are used to provide more relevant content and interest for the Data Subjects. They can be used to present more targeted advertising or limit the number of times it is shown on the Endoscopy News pages. They also allow for measuring the effectiveness of an Endoscopy News advertising campaign.

Furthermore, they can be used to indicate the pages of the Endoscopy News website that the Data Subject has visited, and the company may share this information with third parties, such as contracted advertising agencies.

After the Data Subject authorizes the use, when using the pages of Endoscopy News, a cookie will be stored on their device to remember them in the next session.

At any time, the Data Subject can revoke their consent regarding cookies, and should delete them using the settings of their preferred browser.

Finally, it’s important to remember that if the Data Subject does not accept some cookies from the Endoscopy News website, certain services may not function optimally.

Who we share the data with:

The only data provided by the data subject and shared with a third party is the email for sending newsletters.

How we keep the data secure:

Endoscopy News uses reasonable market means and those legally required to preserve the privacy of the personal data it collects. Therefore, it adopts various precautions, in observance of guidelines on security standards, such as:

  • Protection against unauthorized access to its systems.
  • SSL Encryption
  • WAF – Web Application Firewall
  • Software update policy
  • Maintenance of an inventory indicating the time, duration, identity of the employee, or the person responsible for the access, and the file object, based on connection and application access logs.

In addition to technical efforts, Endoscopy News also adopts institutional measures aimed at the protection of personal data. Consequently, it maintains a structure and a privacy governance program applied to its activities, which are constantly updated.

Even though Endoscopy News makes the best efforts to preserve privacy and protect the data of the Data Subjects, no transmission of information is completely secure. Therefore, Endoscopy News cannot fully guarantee that all data it receives or sends will not be subject to unauthorized access carried out through methods designed to improperly obtain information. For this reason, in addition to our internal regulations that take care of data exchange, we encourage Data Subjects to take appropriate measures to protect themselves, such as keeping their logins and passwords confidential. It is important to note that such information is personal, non-transferable, and the exclusive responsibility of the Data Subjects.

Retention of Collected Information:

In order to protect the privacy of the Data Subjects, the personal data processed by Endoscopy News will be deleted when it is no longer useful for the purposes for which it was collected, or when the Data Subject requests its deletion, unless its maintenance is expressly authorized by applicable law or regulation.

Information may be retained for the exercise of the controller’s rights in judicial or administrative proceedings.

The data subject may request the deletion of data through a direct request to the email address contato@endoscopy.news.

Rights of the Data Subject:

In compliance with applicable regulations concerning the processing of personal data, Endoscopy News respects and ensures to the Data Subject the possibility of submitting requests based on the following rights:

  1. Confirmation of the existence of data processing
  2. Access to data
  3. Correction of incomplete, inaccurate, or outdated data
  4. Anonymization, blocking, or deletion of unnecessary, excessive data, or data processed in non-compliance
  5. Portability of data to another service or product provider, upon explicit request by the Data Subject
  6. Deletion of data processed with the consent of the Data Subject
  7. Obtaining information about public or private entities with which Endoscopy News has shared their data
  8. Information about the possibility of not giving consent, as well as being informed about the consequences in case of refusal
  9. Revocation of consent.

Some of these rights can be exercised directly by the Data Subject through the management of information about their account, while others will depend on sending a request to our Data Protection Officer via email: contato@endoscopy.news, for subsequent evaluation and adoption of further measures by Endoscopy News.

The User is aware that the deletion of essential information for the management of their account with Endoscopy News will result in the termination of their registration, with the consequent cancellation of the services then provided.

Endoscopy News will make every effort to respond to requests in the shortest possible time. However, justifiable factors, such as the complexity of the requested action, may delay or prevent prompt handling.

Finally, the Data Subject should be aware that their request may be legally rejected, either for formal reasons (such as their inability to prove their identity) or legal reasons (such as the request for deletion of data whose maintenance is a free exercise of right by Endoscopy News).

Policy Revisions:

Should Endoscopy News modify this policy, such changes will be prominently posted on the website, and, whenever possible, the data subject will be informed.

Legislation and Jurisdiction:

This policy will be governed, interpreted, and enforced in accordance with the laws of the Federative Republic of Brazil, particularly Law No. 13.709/2018, regardless of the laws of other states or countries. The court of domicile of the Data Subject shall have jurisdiction to resolve any doubts arising from this document.